Many people contributed in direct and indirect way in the development of silpa. This page attempts to list their names.

  • Baiju. M, Swathanthra Malayalam Computing for his mlsplit program for using it as a base for syllabalizer for many languages.
  • Laxminarayan Kamath for testing and feature suggestions.
  • Rajeesh Nambiar and Nishan Naseer of SMC for their contributions for Font converter.
  • Guess Language module is based on the python implementation by Kent S Johnson of guesslanguage.cpp by Jacob R Rideout for KDE which itself is based on Language::Guess by Maciej Ceglowski.
  • Spellcheck dictionaries for many languages are contributed by hunspell dictionaries maintained by language communities.
  • The python based spellchecker is a highly customized version of basic python spellchecker by Peter Norvig.
  • The python implementation of tex hyphenation algorithm is by Wilbert Berendsen, and it is based on Text::Hyphen of Ruby.
  • The sort module uses Python UCA implementation The thirukkural quotes collection for Random Quote module is by Manvendra Bhangui and the original text is taken from Shakthi Kannan’s collection.
  • The chanakya quotes is from Chanakya Niti website and prepared by Girish Venkatachalam.
  • The fontmap of ASCII Tamil font, Valluvar for encoding converter was contributed by Kevin.
  • Shantanu Oak for Rs 10K donation to meet expenses of project development (March 1, 2011)
  • sponsors our server! Silpa Project thanks for sponsoring server for instance.
  • SILPA Mirror instances Silpa is mirrored in the following addresses.
  • Santhosh Thottingal runs a mirror instance at
  • Ashik Salahudeen runs a mirror instance at